Unlike online booking sites, you don’t pay any commissions when making a booking using GoodnightSA.

With all online booking sites you pay up to 17% commission on a booking. The advertiser or the guest pays the commissions.
With GoodnightSA, you pay no commissions, in other words, it is free to book.

No, advertising costs are very affordable and will not ad up to the commission payable on bookings.

You search for an establishment you would like to book with, phone or e-mail them directly and make your booking, or go to their website and book online, commission free.

Go to the Get Listed in the main menu, register with your e-mail address and add your listing. We can also assist with registration and adding an advertisement, just contact us.

Since advertising costs are low, one booking per month can cover your advertising costs.
When using a commission based booking system, and you pay the commission, advertising costs can add up to thousands of rands every month.
Since no commissions are charged through GoodnightSA you save a lot of money.

You don’t pay higher rates for making a booking. You pay the normal rate that the establishment charge.
The establishment adds the commission to their rates and you pay the higher rate, then you pay the commission plus the normal rate over to the booking site, the establishment then only gets the normal rate.
Normally with online booking sites, you as a guest pay the commission to the booking site.
With GoodnightSA, there are no fees payable when making a booking directly with the establishment.

By means of a monthly debit order or a once off EFT.

It depends on what the establishment’s ways of payment are.
Normally cash on arrival, Debit/Credit card or EFT.

Monday to Friday
08h00 – 17h00
Closed on weekends and public holidays.

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