Listing Guidelines

New Users
  • On the homepage, go to ” Member’s Area” then “Add Listing” or “Login/My Account
  • Go to New User? Register Now
  • Complete the fields and click on ”Complete signup
  • You will receive a message to open the e-mail sent to you and activate your account.
  • Activate your account.
  • Your account will be approved by GoodnightSA.
  • Now you can Login and your profile page will open.
Registered Users
  • You can now Login and your profile page will open.
  • Go to “Add Listing” in the “Member’s Area
  • The listing page will open.
  • Choose the package you prefer.(Go to “Pricing and Features” to decide which package will suit you)
  • Select Business Owner.
  • Enter your:                                Examples:
    • Establishment Name – ABC Guesthouse
    • Guides – Your Name – John Smith
    • Tour Operator Name – Nice Travel and Tours
    • Adventure Business Name – XYZ Bootcamp Adventures
  • Fill in all fields applicable to your listing.
  • If you are Star Graded, upload your grading certificate.(For office use only)
  • If your address does not auto complete, set your address on the map manually by moving the marker to your position and then click on the “SET ADDRESS ON MAP” button.
  • Complete the rest of the fields where applicable to you.
  • Rates – Normally guests search for rates first, add your rates(Optional)
  • Add your images, for your images to display in high quality, upload images not smaller than 800 x 600 pixels. If you have a logo, upload it first, or move when uploaded. The first image will be your featured image on your listing.
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Review your listing
  • Update Listing
  • Your listing will be reviewed by GoodnightSA
  • If all is in order, GoodnightSA will publish your listing within 48 hours.
  • You can login and change or update your listing at any time.
  • It will always be reviewed by GoodnightSA after such updates.Add 
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