Why should everybody use GoodnightSA to make bookings?

All online booking sites charge a commission for making an online booking.

Commissions average from 13% – 30 %, some charge even more.

You as guest pay the commission. Payment must be done immediately to booking site.

However with GoodnightSA, there is no commission payable, since you book directly with the establishment or business.

You can book by phone, e-mail or on their website.(Bookings made through their website, are commission free.) You can make a deposit, pay immediately or pay on arrival.

When you are on the move and need accommodation fast, an online booking site will probably not work, only if their response time is 100%. Sometimes it takes days to get a response from the establishment. They still need to check for availability and send a message back, only then you can decide if it is worthy to book, then you have to pay to make the booking and so on and so on……………. Hours later, still no booking.

With Goodnight SA, it is way different. When the desired establishment is found, you contact them directly and make the booking there and then. Confirmed. No more worries 


You make a booking through an online booking site at R 979. (Commission of 50.5 % included)

That is R330 commission that could have been saved.

When you go to the establishment’s website, or book by mail, you can book at R650.(No commission charged)See images below

Compare the different online booking prices – commissions included with the original price charged by the same establishment. (Below)

Look at the original price the establishment charges normally – no commissions.


If you book directly with the establishment or business advertised on GoodnightSA,


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